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If you're on the fence about working with Lesley, don't be.

Here's my experience why:

Just this morning, I was sifting through my toiletry bin -- you know, the one with stale make up, medication, tampons -- and I came across anxiety medication I took last year

That blew my mind as a reminder of how far I've come... because....

I am holier than though, never take pain killers, am zen, yoga, drink green juice for breakfast...


My Womb Choice drove me MAD

It wasn't until my BFF, C. Frederick referred me to Lesley Tavernier and her magnificent work on WCs, that I finally got a grip on a toxic cycle I had been going through over and over again.

You see, here was a man I was so passionate about, who I couldn't control. Grrrrr.

It literally drove me outta wack because I couldn't understand what I was or was not doing.

I spent countless dollars, sleepless nights, cries to my girlfriends, and anxiety medication on a guy that would barely give me the time of day.

None of my proven lifelong "attract a man" tactics were working. None.Of.Them.

Enter Lesley

A master of her work, Lesley quickly taught me how to change my perception.

To use TARA on my WC.

How to call him in.

How to decrease the anxiety.

I wasn't trusting him, accepting him, respecting him, or appreciating him.

When he'd show up, I'd get upset at the fact that it wasn't enough. I'd get angry when he'd leave.

My energy was off and it was mega unattractive.

Using TARA also changed my relationship with money and with the other prospective men in my life.

PSA: If you can't wrap your head and heart around WHY the man you're most crazy attracted to acts like a Wild Horse: hire Lesley.

It'll save you years and dollars in conventional therapy and constant cell phone checking... "oh wait, did he just read my message and NOT respond?!?"

With love and compassion to all of you beauties who have the opportunity to have a WC in your life

P.S.: I volunteered this testimonial because I was in your shoes. I'm glad I outgrew those shoes

... and trust me, I'm still learning.

~ L. Kosatsky 

Montreal, QC

In the last 3 years, as a single woman I have been a student of dating and intimate relationships.

Have learned so much the hard way.

Been ghosted, hurt, sad and even at times been desperate. And above all have tried to control so many outcomes. Not a great look, and so hard on the self esteem.

Of all the books and relationship experts that I have found, the woman who has taught me the most and has shown me how to let go, release and heal AND to start really getting what I desire from my life and relationships with men is

Lesley Tavernier


If you are currently navigating the modern dating world OR feeling like you're not having your desires met in your relationships...

Hire This Woman!

One of the first things you'll learn from Lesley are the 4 ways of being that you're probably not currently embodying in your relationships that make alllll the difference.

Check out her page to find out what they are.

~ Chelsea Frederick

Edmonton, AB

I teach and share on Decolonizing Money.

One of MY coaches on dismantling my poverty stricken mindset (from living in a poverty stricken home within a system that does everything in it's power to ensure that stays my reality)

Lesley Tavernier

took me through a process today

to show me how to HARNESS

my Femininity,

my very sexuality,

to manifest.

We have a power within us that cannot be contained,

even if we tried

(and oh, the patriarchy tries, while at the same time utilizing our very beauty for their capitalistic purposes!)

We can harness our power.

And we must.

The Matriarchy will save our world.

Watch us.

This is how.

Follow Lesley's everything altering teachings.

And work with her if you want to harness your innate power.

~ Vicky Auf Der Mauer 

Toronto, ON, Canada