From my private 1:1 clients


























Three days ago I met a man and we've spent the last three days together non-stop. He's given me so much positive feedback about myself in that short period of time. He's 40 years old and he said he's never met or experienced a woman like me. When we parted today he showered me with so much appreciation and gratitude. One of the things he said was, "Thank you for being so beautiful in the way you show up for a man. Romance novels and movies have nothing on you in real life, girl."

He told me he loves my sweet but strong femininity. He told me he loves that I'm such a warrior of a woman but I'm so sweet and gentle at the same time.

He said he's never experienced a woman so orgasmic and expressive when it comes to experiencing pleasure without even having intercourse. He was mind blown at my state of development at my age of 30. I want you to know that you, your words, and your teachings and me studying your videos, the few one-on-one sessions we had, played a big role in the manifestation of my experience with this man and all the men who come into my life who are consistently adoring and falling in love with me right when we meet. I don't have to try anymore. They just deeply appreciate and love who I am from the start.


This outcome took work and time and I owe you so much gratitude and acknowledgment for being one of the teachers, influencers and mentors who has allowed for me to have such a drastic change and shifting impact on myself and every man and person who comes into my life. Loving and interacting with multiple men has been heavenly and I'm changing the world in my interactions, through you and your teachings I resonated with, one person at a time. 💖

Cassey Larson, USA


He has majorly stepped up and serves me in every way possible?! No more communication issues, being treated like a queen and I’m constantly being surprised by him- in a good way!! It works!

~ Samantha Francis, UK

I want to give a huge shoutout to my pussy power coach (I don’t think she calls herself that but I do 😉) Lesley Tavernier!


At first I was a bit unsure about working with her because she’s polyamorous and I’m not, but it doesn’t matter at all, she completely honours my preferences and knows how to support me from where I’m at and with my goals.

This woman deeply gets men, pleasure, abandonment wounds, and the dynamics of masculine/feminine in a really powerful way. I’ve been experiencing such massive shifts through her support and presence.

I’m so grateful for your work, Lesley. Thank you. ❤️😘

~ Katelyn Edgar, Canada

Over the last couple of years I have been following Lesley Tavernier and listening to her INTENTLY, studying her, opening my heart to her, her energy, her teachings and embodying and applying her wisdom, insight and energy. I have had the privilege of being in her closed FB groups and receiving one-on-one coaching from her and will continue.

Lesley has been the catalyst in enhancing my inherent feminine gifts that I've always carried with me and have blessed the lives of others with since I was a child. Lesley also opened up a whole new world to me and introduced me to powerful aspects of myself that were hidden from me until I met her, due to my cultural conditioning.

Lesley nurtured and continues to nurture a genuine empowerment, a calm, a relaxation and magic within me that touches the lives of all those around me.

The following are a small fraction of compliments I have received from men and women after doing tremendous amounts of internal work, opening my heart and being a true, dedicated student of Lesley Tavernier:

"Your presence in my life is therapeutic."

"I don't feel lonely when I talk to you."

"You are very understanding."

"Your friendship is precious to me."

"Your energy is something else."

"Your company is healing. It's unique. It's difficult to match."

"You remind me of Marilyn Monroe. You're so yummy."

"I was drawn to you for the way you walk, the way you carry yourself. You are so graceful."

I love you, Lesley Tavernier. Thank you for playing a pivotal role in me transforming my life and enhancing my natural gifts and talents so they can be shared more fully with others. 💖

~ Cassey Larson, USA



I have to say Lesley Tavernier's honesty with me about my perception of men and about tapping into my truths and creations has led me on a pathway of absolutely loving men and seeing from a completely different lens. Men now aim to serve me and please me and i get the best treatment from them whether it is a cab driver or partner. I am so pleased with what i have seen turn around and how things are going now, i see so much love and care from men now in an assortment of ways it is magical. All i have to do is think about how i want to be treated or what i want and some way of another, a man pops up to deliver that to me but yet at the same time there is no reliance, just a knowledge of what my value is and that it will happen because there is no other way when you are looking through the right lens!

Also just to add, my tone of voice has changed too and how i speak and present myself has changed significantly too! Thank you xx

I have finally accepted and stepped into my feminine and i am seeing the results with both men and women. Anyone on the fence about coaching with Lesley, DO IT! X

My Womb Choice™ is back and because of Lesley Tavernier's honest support, I am pleased but at the same time not that bothered, there is no negative but i am just enjoying myself and I am loving it!

~ Samantha Francis, UK


Self-pleasuring Testimonial 

“Okay Lesley, so I watched your video yesterday and I tried it last night and Houdini was out at his other partner’s place and when he came home he said “You look so beautiful!” This was after I followed your self pleasure video and I had amazing orgasms. At one point I felt heat from my body, right in the abdomen area down to the root chakra. I feel differently but I can’t quite describe what I am feeling. Houdini told me I sound different. I am getting a different reaction from men. I had an early yoga class this morning. I used a rose quartz pyramid over my heart and an orogone pyramid near my yoni which has a figurine of Auset inside it with a piece of rose quartz above her head. Lesley you got some powerful juju going on. Lol.”

A'st Maye, USA


~ Cassey Larson, USA


"Lesley is truly a coach who wants her clients to be the best they can be as their unique selves. She challenges her clients to look at perspectives they may not have considered before, allowing them to truly grow and change in their lives. Working with Lesley over the last almost 2 years has created major shifts in my life, helping me see just how much Love there is for me and everyone else in this world. I love working with Lesley and count her as a friend and mentor as well as a coach."

~ Emily McElveen, USA


"Lesley expertly coaches without judgment and with an openness to understanding the intricacies of each individual client that is unparalleled. To reveal all your thoughts and insecurities in a space of complete safety and then be guided towards living your OWN truth is to be honest, priceless. I love her!"

~ Claire Philip, UK


"Holy shit!! I can't believe how much has shifted just from that one session with you!!!!

I practiced the heart connecting and now he's saying he's in love with me, he's never said that to me before!

And I felt really connected to him last night and so did my body 😉

Girlll you got mad skills!!!"

Follow-up from 2 weeks later...

"Our session really helped me open my heart up because I was putting expectations and being conditional in feeling feelings for A______. And your session really helped me to let go of that control in that way and really allowed me to focus on him positively which therein elicited more positive aspects from him. And we've had really awesome sex and been connecting way more. We've just been in each other's lives more in a better way, instead of just being on the side. I really appreciated that session. It was super, super helpful."

~ Genevieve Rackham, USA 




From my private group clients

“I absolutely ADORE Lesley and all the work she does!!! She has helped me beyond what words can describe, but I’m giving it a shot here. Ever since my first call with Lesley in April, I have totally shifted my belief in myself. I used to feel bad and wrong for the way I was in relationships with men, and how I felt. Lesley reassured me that I am totally okay, and explained to me the different archetypes from the Feminine Choice Paradigm that made everything I’ve ever felt in relationships make sense!!! Since working with her and being in her private women’s group (totally recommend btw if you are looking for a supportive, safe space to be all that you are.), I feel so much more at ease with all of my relationships. I’ve attracted men that treat me the way I want to be treated now, and love me for who I am. And also make total peace with the men that didn’t treat me nice and see the inner dynamic that I was living in that actually created those relationships. Love you Lesley and I will be a lifelong client of yours. Highly recommend Lesley to any of you that feel called and need healing around your relationships/ feminine self/ confidence and just all around everything, she is a Genius!!!💗”

~ Britney Taylor, Canada

"Spent all night with my friend who is a martial artist. He's a fucking God. I had full body orgasms for the first time!!!!!!


It was fucking wild! I felt all the energy from his penis. Felt all my chakras. Felt light energy from his penis shoot through my body and out my head/crown chakra. I've never felt anything like that."

One of my private clients attracted 4 men into her life who each represent one of the 4 masculine archetypes to her. 💚

So tonight I had my second date with the first person I’ve met from the SA site that I really felt drawn to. And it felt like the first real MC kind of relationship like I’ve been looking for...where I can channel my inner lover, be and feel sexy and not care what anyone else thinks.

So, now I feel like I have men in my life that represent all four choices.

Are they all exactly how i want these relationships to manifest and feel right now? No, because I’m still growing and learning, but I’m far enough to know that:

Mr Wine is a WC. I can’t control him, and he doesn’t want to control me. He is helping me learn my true power. Sometimes by giving in to what I’m asking or demanding, other times by holding his own. Yes I can see gaps between our relationship and how i really want a WC relationship to be but I love the fact that I can see this.

The guy that wanted me to be his gf is a total SC. He just wants me to be honest with him, accepts me as I am but tries to build a connection between the two of us that he hopes will mean I choose to be with just him. However he doesn’t make me feel dirty for having multiple men. It may be hard for him but he respects it. He supports me and the life I want to build even if he doesn’t understand it. He’s a family oriented man who has already told his mother about me and is loyal and tender and sweet.

Crown choice is the one I have been with the longest. My family saw my comments on Lesley's posts about him just before this group started. Lesley helped me realize that it was ok to be attracted to a man older than me. In many ways he’s played a father figure type of role but he’s so much more. I can feel the love between us in the simplest of text messages and always in the first few days after I’ve seen him, our conversations inspires the most creativity in me. He makes me feel like I can change the world in my own way. No matter how small I feel at the time.

The guy I saw tonight..has me laughing, relaxing, having fun and not just feeling sexy but for the first time in a while, like a goddess. I can be me and I can flirt and dress up and be a princess in a way..and I feel turned on with him. Yes i met him on seeking arrangement, yes he’s older and can and wants to help me out with some stuff financially, or go on trips and all of that...and he also makes me feel amazing.

I feel more balanced than I ever have in a monogamous relationship. All aspects of my personality get to come out to play, be seen, be loved, and it makes me feel whole. For a long time I grew up learning that I had to feel whole by myself by being OK alone before I could be with anyone, but for a communal species I think that’s wrong. I am able to be happy alone, for a time, but I need connection. I just can’t depend on one connection for all of this, my spirit (most of ours) is too big and has too much love to share for just one partner...and I’m finally starting to love myself for that instead of judging myself. Yes there are things that I would like to see different in these relationships and there are things I’d like to see different in myself, but I have plenty of time to get there. I guess all in all...I’m not going back to trying to force myself into a box of monogamy with guys like my most recent exes who made me feel dirty and selfish and greedy for not wanting to just be with one man and be satisfied. It’s not me. And for the first time in a while I like who I am now, even if it’s unconventional.

And this was longer than I though it would be but my birthday comes in half an hour from writing this and I get really introspective this time of year. I’ve been reflecting on all of this.”


"My foray into open relating has helped me:

-recognize that there is plenty of love to go around

-built my confidence and helped me see just how much value I can bring to a mans life

-helped me recognize that I do not OWE any man that same value if he is not able to add value to mine

-stop beating myself up over wanting multiple lovers/even just men that I’m emotionally close with (even without sex) in my life

-helped me learn to get past jealousy and needing to be his EVERYTHING (my time with a married sugar daddy has had the most impact on this)

-know that I’m an alpha female, that there are a lot of beta males that can’t handle me, and that does not mean that there is anything wrong with me.


The biggest thing here is that I would never have been able to let myself try this if you hadn’t come into my life Lesley. Thank you so much for the support you’ve given me and creating this space so I could connect with the other women here. I love where I am now."

"I know others have said it, too - but I ❤️ being a part of this group. I wasn't really sold on the whole power of energy, the importance of the energy and vibe you give off and energetic shifts....until now.

I've been focusing on letting go of feeling like I have to have control over each romantic & other situations- and have just been focusing on loving me, giving off energy that comes from a place of self love, knowing that I have all I need within me and knowing that the right people feel blessed to be in my circle.

This has helped draw my current partner probably as close as we've been in our 16 years of on off. He is more attentive and loving than he's ever been. We have the most loving, healing sex. I no longer live in fear of "cheating" as I trust that we're both honest with each other.

I've explored my sexuality more than ever and have finally opened my mind to things other than traditional monogamy, without toooo much guilt or fear 😉 lucky I have a very open and decent guy who I have shared this with - whose also far enough away for me to get those "intensity" feels that scare me so much, lol.

Lastly, after 6 months of turmoil, on the back of a super intense but failed relationship with a younger man, out of the blue he sent me the nicest message today. 6 months to the day of our break up. No booty call, no blaming, no manipulation - just checking in & hoping I'm well.

Sounds like small stuff - but to me, it's growth because instead of trying to control external factors, I'm focusing on what's within me - and it feels so much more powerful and amazing."

~ Emily Catherine, USA