Why ACCEPTING him as he better than 'leaning back' or any other dating strategy

Acceptance is a demonstration of real, as opposed to conditional, love.

It's a sign of inner strength and it's impossible to practice without these.

It's also powerfully feminine.

And acceptance, more than any of the 4 pillars in T.A.R.A. (Trust, Appreciation, Respect, Acceptance) is the best way to practice 'letting go of control' with your Womb Choice partner.

You CHOSE your Womb Choice so that you could finally 'let go of control'.

And that will never happen as long as you resist accepting him as he is.

Acceptance can look like being at peace when he says "NO" or "Maybe later" to your request for more of this time and energy/attention.

It can look like not interpreting his "NO" as a rejection of you...but simply his way of honouring his boundaries.

You can accept the fact that he honours his boundaries...and is showing you how to do the same.

Acceptance can look like being at peace when he doesn't agree to a formal, committed relationship with you.

Acceptance can look like being at peace when he doesn't validate you in the manner you'd like.

Acceptance FEELS like...calm, peace, unconditional love.

Acceptance FEELS tremendously healing as you let go of your egoic demands and choose love instead.

Acceptance is NOT being weak or a doormat.

Acceptance is NOT being stupid or desperate.

Acceptance is pure love from a surrendered woman.

And that is what MOST MAGNETIZES your Womb Choice to you.

Lesley Tavernier