When he prefers texting over phone calls...

Yesterday, my 23 year old female cousin asked me for relationship advice.

She was upset because her boyfriend, who is currently away in college in the USA, texts her daily

BUT only calls her once per week (if that). And even after complaining to him repeatedly about it, he then decided that it may be better to end the relationship. She interpreted that to mean that he doesn’t care about her and, of course, her mother agreed wholeheartedly with that interpretation.

I explained to her that:

a) lots of men, including my adult sons and my partner in the US, GREATLY PREFER texting/messaging over talking on the phone. It’s normal.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you.

b) he’s suggesting breakup because he doesn’t like that he’s disappointing you and at the same time, he knows he’s not going to compromise himself on your behalf by forcing himself to call you more than he genuinely desires to

c) I recommended that she diversify, ie. talk to several men and not put all her eggs in one basket. I mean, they’ve only been dating for 5 months!

She understood what I was saying and decided to apologize to him.

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Lesley Tavernier

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