What repels your Womb Choice

Here are the top thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, and ways of being that REPEL your Womb Choice


He's intimated by me

He can't handle all the Love that I've shown him

He doesn't recognize what an amazing woman I am

He prefers to deal with women that are 'easy'

He's afraid of commitment


I am not enough

I am not desirable

I am not loveable

He loves her more than me...

He's going to leave me for her


Using him as your DRUG

Constantly talking and thinking about him in such a way that you feel like shit

Complaining about him endlessly

Psychoanalyzing him endlessly

Picking fights with him

Bombarding him with messages

Debating him

Refusing to take responsibility for the WAY YOU FEEL

Ways of Being

Chronic depression

Chronic anxiety

Chronic anger, bitterness, resentment

Lack of self-care

Lack of self-love

So what does make you irresistible to him?

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