The ONLY reason he's NOT showing up for you in the manner you'd like is...

You are withholding an aspect of yourself that would naturally inspire him to show up for you in the exact manner you'd like.

What do I mean by this statement?

I mean that you are NOT allowing yourself to express some aspect of your femininity that his masculinity would be irresistibly drawn to.

Visionary - you're withholding TRUST. You won't allow yourself to TRUST him wholeheartedly.

You're not allowing yourself to SEE that all possibilities exist now - including the possibility of him showing up for you in the exact manner you desire. Instead, you're holding steadfastly to the conclusion that you can't and won't have him show up for you in the manner you'd like.

You don't recognize his INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM.

You're afraid and unwilling to think ABUNDANTLY. You're in a perpetual state of lack and impoverishment.

Therefore, the GURU in him is not INSPIRED to engage with you.

Lover - you're withholding PLEASURE. You're not allowing yourself to BE WELL-PLEASED by him and all others.

The habitual thoughts that you entertain of him are mostly UNPLEASING AND UNSEXY. He feels your anxiety...far more than your satisfaction and fulfillment.

The Magician in him finds you difficult, if not impossible, to PLEASE.

Conservationist aka Sorceress - You're withholding ACCEPTANCE..of him as he is right now.

You're refusing to DETACH from your anger/resentment, shame, guilt, fear, and need to control order to feel 'safe'.

You're refusing to ACCEPT that you are creating your reality; you are creating how he is showing up for you.

When you accept that you are creating your reality, you then realize that it is futile to fight with or resist 'what is.'

And that it is better to ACCEPT 'what is' as your creation and...begin to CREATE ANEW. In so doing, you RECLAIM YOUR POWER...and the Warrior in him will not be able to resist you.

Devotee - You are withholding nurturing, calming, soothing energy.

You have no desire to touch, caress, hug, massage, and care for his body.

You have no desire to lovingly cook a meal for him.

You do not believe in him.

You do not regard him as a KING.

You are unwilling to follow his LEAD.

Therefore, the KING in him cannot see you as his QUEEN.

Lesley Tavernier