My 'womb choice' enjoys me the most when...

Updated: Jan 8

I engage with him from the LOVER archetype.

This also happens to be when I enjoy him the most!

The LOVER is one 4 primary feminine archetypes. You can read about all 4 archetypes here.

When I met him ten years ago, my LOVER faculty was also the weakest and most heavily wounded of the 4 feminine energies in me. I now know that I chose him, subconsciously, so that I would be challenged to heal and strengthen the LOVER archetype in me. And what a journey that has been!

You see, the LOVER is the little 5 year old princess in you, the apple of her father's eye, daddy's little girl...

She knows she's very pretty.

She knows that she's very magnetic.

She knows that she's SPECIAL.

And so, she has no difficulty feeling chosen, claimed, prioritized...

Since my pre-teen years, I had learned to suppress my LOVER faculty!

I could NOT accept a compliment!

I believed I was unattractive.

I believed that the men I found most attractive, would most assuredly reject me...

I was also non-orgasmic and hated sex!

And the ONLY way that I was going to have and enjoy a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship with my 'womb choice', was to fully embrace my LOVER.




Here are some of the qualities he most enjoys about my LOVER faculty and endears him to me:

  • I smile very often and blush and giggle (that shit feels amazing to him)

  • I walk like I'm floating on air (that mesmerizes him)

  • I laugh like I'm orgasming (the first time he heard me laugh orgasmically, he was absolutely entranced)

  • I never debate him/interrogate him or demand that he confess anything to me. I'm terrible at debate. I don't know how to debate him. I laugh when he tells me I'm wrong. Haha!

  • I'm ok with looking and sounding like a total airhead!

  • I laugh at my foibles.

  • I laugh at ALL OF HIS JOKES!!!

  • I LOVE my Daddy!

  • I appreciate luxury!

  • I look way younger than my biological age.

  • I am always agreeable. (This one melts him completely)

  • I am Wealth focused. (This is so pleasing to his 'Negotiator' faculty)

By no means, am I always in this state. Like all human beings, I have all 9 archetypes in me (not just the LOVER). But my LOVER is his favourite to interact with. And she arouses his desire like no other.

If you are struggling in a 'womb choice' relationship, chances are that you are resisting the full expression of your LOVER.

We can help you to reclaim HER.

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Lesley Tavernier

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