How to consistently blow his mind in the bedroom!

Is it your hair?

Your makeup?

Your manicure and pedicure?

Your perfume?

Your lingerie?

Do you have to look like a supermodel or pornstar?

Do you have to act like a pornstar?

The answer to all of these questions is

unequivocally NO!!!!!

While many of the above are certainly nice-to-have...none of the above is what makes you unforgettable in the bedroom!

So what does make you blow his mind in the bedroom?

It starts with how you feel about him and how you treat him OUTSIDE OF THE BEDROOM.

This a list of the qualities that make you unforgettable in the bedroom:








So, now you're probably do any of these qualities translate into being amazing in bed?

Well, the answer is...these qualities demonstrate to you and to him that you actually LOVE him.

And LOVE is the #1 aphrodisiac for women.

LOVE is what makes our entire body tingle with excitement at even just the thought of a man.

LOVE is what makes us have multiple full body orgasms.

LOVE is what causes us to WELCOME his penetration...on every level.

And what a heterosexual man wants to PLEASE HIS WOMAN SEXUALLY.

And that starts by letting him PLEASE YOU OUTSIDE OF THE BEDROOM.

When you are:








you are not allowing him to PLEASE YOU.

So, go slowly through all 7 of these qualities and ask yourself:

Do I enjoy being patient with him?

Do I trust him?

Do I appreciate him?

Do I respect him?

Do I accept him as he is?

Am I willing to understand him?

Am I willing to forgive him...again and again and again?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions...then the flow of sexual lifeforce energy is hindered between you and this man.

At 42 years of age, and having been in two long-term relationships and numerous short-term relationships and having been a sex worker for 3 years...I KNOW for sure that these 7 qualities are what make me MOST RECEPTIVE TO MEN.

Need further support in being receptive to your man?

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Much love,

Lesley Tavernier

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