How to have him initiate contact with you every single day!

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So, I'm going to make this as simple as I can...

You have to receive his penetration (message that he initiated) FULLY...each and every single time that he initiates contact with you. Like you're 5 years old and it's Christmas Day and you can't wait to open your presents! Basically, full body orgasm.

In this way, he will be sure to initiate contact with you

every single day...

as his penetration is being welcomed...


Now, here's how you can fuck this up:

* not receiving his messages with Joy

* feeling neutral or Blah when you receive his message

* complaining about his message

* arguing with him about his message

* replying to him with a shit-ton of messages


* having a full body orgasm, upon receipt of his message, and then a few hours later (or less)...going right back to feeling like shit. This guarantees that his messages will be INCONSISTENT and you'll ride a never-ending emotional rollercoaster.

So how do you respond to his messages this way?

You have to be an orgasmic woman. Your default state has to be...orgasmic.

In that way, receiving his message is simply the icing to your cake or the cherry on top.

It's really simple.

Now, my expertise is helping women to clear and release all of the bullshit programming that keeps them in a non-orgasmic habitual state. When you book a 20 minute coaching session with me here, I will teach you the exact ritual that I have personally used to have him initiate contact with me within 24 hours.

Lesley Tavernier

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