Detach from your Insecurity...NOT your Womb Choice/Money

No, you don't need to 'leave his ass'.

No, you don't need to give up on having a thriving business.

What you DO need to let go of is...

  1. Your fear that you simply are not 'good' enough to have the love and money that you so desire.

  2. Your belief that no one who really MATTERS TO YOU...really WANTS/VALUES YOU.

  3. Your belief that other women get to have what you want (his TIME and ENERGY and more-than-enough money) because they're prettier, smarter, sexier, more well-put-together, more loveable/magnetic...than you. This surfaces especially when you are in relationship with a non-monogamous Womb Choice!!!

And guess what?

It's super scary to let go of this shit!!!


Because this has become part of your IDENTITY. And it doesn't want to die.

So, your REJECTION COMPLEX will fight for dear life to keep you believing the above.

So, it doesn't matter if you leave your Womb Choice. You will attract yet another. And the pain will be even worse...because you haven't addressed the ROOT ISSUES.

Your money issues will PERSIST...because you are NOT an energetic match to continued financial abundance! You can't be if you believe that you are unworthy and unloveable...

How do you release your REJECTION COMPLEX?

You surround yourself with women who have done/are doing that work.

You immerse yourself in their energy field.

You do the Clearing your life depends upon it...because it does.

You COMMIT to reclaiming your Power.

You become #1 to yourself!

You listen to and obey your intuition, even though it may not make any sense to you or others.

You create a life of WELL-BEING.

You LOVE yourself fiercely!

And you give thanks for the tremendous healing catalyst that both your Womb Choice and Money have been for you.


Lesley Tavernier