5 ways to have and enjoy a healthy 'womb choice' relationship

Updated: Jan 8

Womb Choice relationships are the most sexually passionate of the 4 primary relationship dynamics.

As such, they tend to be fraught with pain, suffering, drama, endless longing...

The Good News is, they don't have to play out that way.

A Womb Choice relationship can be tremendously healing and both parties.

Here's how:

Foundation: The foundation to having a healthy Womb Choice relationship is to first accept that your DESIRE for him is 100% GOOD.


If you believe that your desire is wrong or shameful or crazy or bad...then you're better off ending the relationship, as you cannot create a healthy relationship from a place of believing that something is wrong with you.

I cannot emphasize enough how important

this foundation is.

You've got to lock this in, otherwise, your emotions will be blown around mercilessly by naysayers, endless social media posts on narcissism, and your own self-doubt/shame/fear.

The biggest challenge for me in my 10 year relationship with my Womb Choice was...accepting and acknowledging that my DESIRE for him IS FOR MY GOOD.

That awareness allowed me to release so many negative thoughts and emotions that were unnecessarily weighing me and our relationship down.

This foundation eliminates the question: Should I stay with him or move on?

I chose to stay with him because I know that my DESIRE FOR HIM IS FOR MY GOOD.

I know that loving him expands me, heals me, deepens my femininity...

Now, with that foundation in place (and this will require lots of gentle self-reminders and course-correction as you go along), here are the 5 ways to have and enjoy a healthy womb choice relationship...

  1. Submit to him (Devotee and Conservationist archetypes)

  2. Do business/make money with him (all 4 feminine archetypes)

  3. Engage in win-win, vulnerable dialogue with him (Visionary archetype)

  4. Practice T.A.R.A. (Trust, Appreciation, Respect, Acceptance) (all 4 feminine archetypes)

  5. Diversify - allow other people in your life to meet the needs of yours that he will not. Please understand...he is NOT in your life to meet ALL of your needs. He IS in your life to meet the needs of yours that he is best suited to meet. (all 4 feminine archetypes)

I could write an entire essay on each of these 5 ways listed above.

But I won't.

Instead, I invite you to work closely with both my Womb Choice and I for a 30 day period (1 month) so that we can support you in embodying and activating these 5 ways.

This process isn't intellectual.

It's experiential.

And you will benefit greatly from receiving guidance from a man and woman who have already walked this path.

For more info, click here.

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