3 Reasons WHY your Womb Choice pulls away from you...and what to do about it

Your Womb Choice pulls away from you because...

1. He's your drug. He's the only thing in your life that causes you to FEEL intensely. He's your cake, rather than, the icing on your cake. In other words, you FEEL like a burdensome junkie to him. And that's annoying and unattractive.

2. You're never SATISFIED. You always want MORE MORE MORE from him. And thus, your energy FEELS vampiric to him. This applies inside the bedroom as well.

3. You're not trustworthy. Either you've betrayed his trust and/or you've used something vulnerable that he shared with you AGAINST HIM and thereby, verbally abused him. He no longer FEELS SAFE being vulnerable with you. Your value has gone way down in his eyes.

What to do about it?

1. Develop your Sorceress faculties by enrolling in my Sorceress Group Program.

A powerful Sorceress is IRRESISTIBLE to a Womb Chosen man.

2. Have a LIFE that you LOVE outside of him.

3. Practice feeling SATISFIED whenever you engage with him or think of him.

4. Do NOT betray his trust or verbally abuse him. If you've already done so, then demonstrate to him (over a 6 month to 1 year period) that you've genuinely changed your ways and are now fully worthy of his trust.