Supreme Feminine Confidence

Get the man that you're most in love with...

to TALK to you 10x more

than he does now


Saturday December 12 at 3pm EST

hosted by Lesley Tavernier and

Rakhem Seku

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Supreme Feminine Confidence

Resource Library

Enjoy over 50+ hours of recorded videos on...


  • the 4 feminine archetypes

  • the 4 masculine archetypes

  • the feminine choice paradigm

  • female sexuality

  • feminine power rituals

  • healing money trauma

and more!

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Get him to SAY THE WORDS that you most desire to hear...



This 3.5 hour webinar explains exactly how to transition your


Womb Choice (the man you are most sexually passionate about)


into your Manifestation Choice (the man who says the EXACT words you most desire to hear...again and again).


What exactly to do when you're overcome with not-enoughness, jealousy, insecurity, anger and sadness


This 2 hour masterclass shows you how to harmonize with the energy of the

Divine Masculine so that both the man/men in your life and money...

show up for you in the manner your desire.