How to have a healthy

Womb Choice™ relationship

3Submit to Your Dominant, 

Masculine Man

3 month coaching program

(includes 12 weekly coaching sessions and unlimited messaging support)






Emotional Intimacy

90 minute intensive

establishing emotional intimacy in your most primal, passionate relationship


Digital Courses

Womb Choice Masterclass - Part 1

How to submit to your 

Womb Choice man

90 minute video recording of both my Womb Choice partner and I speaking on how we healed our tumultuous relationship


Womb Choice Masterclass - Part 2

How to be his #1 submissive...

70 minute video recording of both my Womb Choice partner and I speaking on how I became his #1 partner (outside of his marriage)


Relationship Healing Bundle

Enjoy over 30 hours of training videos on the following topics:

The feminine choice paradigm

(how the feminine actually chooses the masculine)

The 4 feminine archetypes

How to make him fall in love with you

How to ride a cock

and so much more...

Plus 2 PDF documents on:

How Feminine Women can identify masculine energy in men


Masculine men value feminine women very highly


Additional Courses taught by my Womb Choice partner and I

How to Heal Premature Ejaculation


In this course, I explain EXACTLY what I did to heal hundreds of men (former clients mine) of premature ejaculation. During the 3 years that I did sex work full-time, I NEVER had a client suffer from premature ejaculation during a session with me.


Healing Love Addiction

Talking Sex, Love and Relationships


Sex Magic for Money, Romance & Health