The reality where he's in love with you...already exists!

Align your nervous system with the reality where your

Wild, Uncontrollable Man

is madly in love

with you.

30 Day Spiritual Discipline

structured & formal container

Upon enrolment, I will send you a set of detailed instructions to set up your altar or sacred space.


This is where you will be conducting your 3 daily tasks. 


Once your Sacred Space is set up, we will officially begin your 30-Day Spiritual Discipline on a Saturday. 


You will be required to report to me each day upon completion of your

3 tasks. 


The daily tasks involve:


  • repeating a customized daily prayer 108x 

  • doing specific breathing exercises to shift your body language/nervous system to match your desired reality. Each week a new element is added to your breathwork practice. 

  • sending me an audio recording of your NEW love story 

  • Bonus - starting on week 3, sex magic will be included


I will be available to you, every day for 30 days, via the Voxer messaging app. 


This is serious spiritual work for women who are ready and willing to be CLAIMED by their Wild Man/Womb Choice. 🖤



4 weekly payments of $3,111

30 Day Spiritual Discipline

to receive $5,000 or more daily with Least Effort

Stay tuned for details!

30 Day Spiritual Discipline

to enjoy radiant health - through

Least Effort

Stay tuned for details!


audio call via Facebook Messenger

1 hour


30 minutes