End your emotional addiction

to feeling devalued...

Your body, which is the externalized expression of your subconscious mind...knows exactly how to make him fall in love with you!

Unfortunately, you've been conditioned to hold and express negative patterns of feeling rejected, and devalued.

Low self-esteem has become entrenched in your body language.

Your soul is yearning to shift that!


Therefore, you chose to undergo an intense spiritual initiation with a man who would most challenge you to release all subconscious patterns of low self-esteem to be replaced with

Supreme Feminine Confidence.

Let us guide you through this powerfully healing spiritual initiation.

What's included?


30 days of unlimited coaching

via the Voxer messaging app

with Lesley Tavernier


Rakhem Seku


1 hour coaching session

via Zoom video conference


30 minute coaching session

via Zoom video conference