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Release rejection, abandonment and unworthiness and allow your Wild Man to

worship you.


Love coaching

for women who

are in love with

a Wild Man

Please NOTE: 


On March 21, 2023

ALL of my prices

will increase.

90 Day Spiritual Initiation to fully embody the Sorceress archetype

(The purpose of this 90 Day Spiritual Initiation is to embody the Sorceress archetype such that your Wild Man and Money can't help but to show up in your life consistently. 

This initiation includes

12 Weekly 1 hour coaching calls and 12 weeks of Facebook Messenger Coaching.

During this time, you must 100% refrain from initiating contact with your Wild Man)


1:1 Facebook Messenger Coaching

(Ask me up to 2 questions per day via Facebook Messenger, text only,

for 1, 5 or 20 business days)

Facebook Messenger Coaching

1 day - $89

1 week (5 days) - $444

4 weeks (20 days) - $1,776

1:1 Coaching Call

(audio only)

1 hour audio call - $333

30 minute audio call - $166.50

15 minute audio call - $83.25

Women who are in love with a Wild Man

Private Facebook 

Membership group

$222 per month

(cancel anytime)

Personalized Riff

(Ask me to record a 3 to 5 minute riff for you on anything pertaining to harmonizing with your Wild Man and being his #1 Sorceress)


Audio Recordings

(lifetime access)


Why and How is that when the Sorceress says/decides it is so...

it is f*cking so?

(24 minute audio where I explain exactly HOW the Sorceress decrees her desired reality into 3D existence)


3 Distinct Ways to Manifest the Reality Where Your Wild Man is in Love with You

(34 minute audio where I explain exactly HOW to get your Wild Man to fall, and stay, in love with you)


What to do when you want your Wild Man to initiate sex with you...

(14 minute audio where I explain exactly HOW to get your Wild Man to initiate sex with you. This is especially helpful for women who

live with their Wild Man)


What's keeping you from CAUSING your Wild Man to initiate contact with you?


(24 minute audio where I explain exactly HOW you are resisting being pursued by your Wild Man and what exactly to do about it)


13 Sorceress Attributes that keep your Wild Man Worshipping YOU 

(18 page Powerpoint document plus 41 minute audio accompaniment where I explain exactly why each of these 13 attributes is super appealing to your

Wild Man and how to embody

each one)


How to decide to receive a specific amount of money within

24 hours and have it appear in your

3D reality

(when you feel scared shitless and your bills are due or past due)

(17 minute audio where I explain exactly HOW to manifest the exact amount of money that you need within 24 hours)


When you're ready to let your Wild Man  WORSHIP & ADORE YOU...


(18 minute audio where I explain exactly HOW to let go of resistance ie. P.U.R.A., and let your Wild Man worship and adore you)


Answers to commonly asked questions...

Audio calls will not be recorded and are conducted via

Facebook Messenger or

a regular phone call.

My private membership group is 

hosted on Facebook.

Got anymore questions?

Email me here:

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Copyright 2016 - 2023 Lesley Tavernier All Rights Reserved 

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